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Christmas Edition Resistance Bands Bundle

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This Bundle Includes:
Official Build-A-Booty™ Christmas Edition Resistance Bands Bundle | Set of 3 (Bag Included)

Band Strengths:
Tan: Light
White: Medium 
Teal: Heavy 


One of our most popular and top sellers, our premium Build-A-Booty™ Resistance Bands Bundle in our Christmas Edition offers all three (3) levels of resistance. Achieve your goals and build your Glutes with the most reliable resistance bands on the market.

  • They don't roll!
  • They don't snap!

Here's how you can use these  Official Build-A-Booty™ Resistance Bands

  1. Use the Tan Band (light) for Glute Activation
  2. Use the White Band (medium) for hip thrust and donkey kicks
  3. Use the Teal Band (Heavy) for more progress once the medium resistance becomes too easy