You won’t believe what your booty is capable of!

You won’t believe what your booty is capable of!

Your booty does a lot more than turn heads- it’s actually one of the most important muscle groups of the human body! So much so, that having a nice juicy badonkadonk has many health benefits.

It’s true! According to science, a good butt can help with lower-back and knee pain, strong hips, and balance!

You see, humans are bipedal animals meaning that instead of walking on all four with our weight evenly distributed on each of our limbs, we walk on two feet standing straight up.

This automatically shifts your entire weight to the lowest part of your trunk, stacking your hips on top of your knees and feet to form a straight line. And which muscle group occupies the general hip area?

That’s right, your bum does.

More specifically, your Gluteus Maximus, Medius, and Minimus. Together, these three muscles form your glutes and are responsible for giving you the ability to stand.. And walk and bend and climb and push and- you get the point.

And while this all can sound dauntingly complicated, the way your glutes operate is actually quite simple. And understanding what each of the gluteal muscles do can help you advance your booty gainz by a milestone!

Starting off with the leader of the pack: Your Gluteus Maximus

More commonly known as your butt cheek! The Gluteus Maximus is the main part of the booty; it’s the outermost muscle of the bunch.

Equipped to hold you up in a standing posture while simultaneously connecting your legs to your body, your Gluteus Maximus muscle is the biggest and strongest of the body.

But it can’t operate alone.

Say hello to your gluteus medius and minimus!

While they’re two separate muscles that perform different actions, the Gluteus Medius and Minimus work together as the abductors of the hip joint.

They extend and contract in opposite ways to allow you to move your legs towards and away from your body center.

They assist the Gluteus Maximus by holding your hip bones in place and stabilizing your pelvic floor so you can move freely standing on your two feet.

How to get the most out of your peach!

Strengthening your booty takes lots of time, patience, and knowledge- here’s our top 5 tips for building your glutes and potentially saving your life:

- Don’t skip glute activation exercises! This will make sure that you wake up and engage your glutes so you can get the most out of your workout.

- Work on your mobility. Leg day exercises like squats can target the glutes only if you hit a certain threshold in your range of motion. Deepening your squats for example helps you target and strengthen your glutes.

- Keep your core engaged! This will tighten up your upper body and give you more range and control over the movement.

- Single leg exercises are key- Single leg exercises are typically harder to do, but they can drastically improve your booty growth progress and are crucial for symmetry.

- Don’t workout your glutes everyday. This will tire out the muscle and not allow it to heal- thus, grow! Try to give yourself 1-2 days between booty days to allow your muscles time to recover.

With these 5 tips, growing your booty will be a walk in the park. But if you need a little more direction and guidance (which we all do at some point) here’s a booty building program that shows you all the ins and outs of booty building and fat loss!

So you can get lean AND grow the most perfect peach.

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